“…The Opticians Association of Canada is always searching for ways to support our entrepreneurs in the optical profession. The Optical Group is a fantastic opportunity to easily monitor cost of goods and grow your business. The members of the OAC resoundly have chosen The Optical Group as our preference partner using group…”
Robert Dalton CAE, LO Executive Director Opticians Association of Canada

“…The Optical Group helps opticians manage their business and improve their bottom line…”

Lorne Kashin, Ontario Opticians Association, President,

“I have been using the Optical Group since 2006 to make my ophthalmic purchases. The monthly statements are easy to interpret and having to pay one company versus multiple ones is a definite bonus. The discounts and staff at The Optical Group are great too!”
Dr. Sanjay Agarwal, Great Lakes Optometry (Ontario)

“…Joining the Optical Group was one of the best decisions I made when opening my practice. The all-in-one statements and collaboration of all Suppliers made life that much easier…not to forget the great discounts that are offered…”
Dr. Rajesh H. Panchal, OD (Milton, ON)

“…I have been with the Optical Group since I opened my store 5 years ago. I am very glad that I joined. Being a new company, the Suppliers don’t offer a generous discount until you prove yourself. With the Optical Group you get the discounts you want, have one easy to follow and accurate statements, and only have one payment! Thank you to the Optical Group and Keep up the good work!”
Steve Charles, Optician/Owner, Saskatoon Optical Services

“…The Optical Group saves us time and money. I’m so happy to be with such an efficient buying group.”
House of Vision Optical (Vancouver, BC)