Dear Customer,

Kering Eyewear is determined to keep the highest safety standards for its products worldwide regarding the current Coronavirus / Covid-19 epidemic.

The Company’s activities continue in a controlled manner, both with internal and external suppliers, by means of the timely adoption of the most rigorous safety protocols in order to protect the health of all employees, and that of our customers and end consumers.

Our supply chain ensures a complete visibility of the production processes, and the distribution and delivery of our products are undertaken with the highest safety and hygiene standards, in compliance with all the measures prescribed by the relevant authorities.

With the aim to also apply the same standards to the sale of our products to the final consumer, the Company recommends its customers to comply with the directives issued by the respective relevant authorities (compliance with the safety distances and / or use of personal protective equipment).

At this link, the company also provides its customers with a few guidelines for cleaning eyewear products at the stores.

For any additional information the Customer Service is at your complete disposal.

Kering Eyewear